Meeting your needs with Old School service.

trash can

Trash Away is a company that meets the needs of a community. It's a simple concept that dates back over 2,000 years ago.  And our companies thriving question is how can we serve your neighborhood.

Trash away is a solution for your everyday trash needs.

    • We come and pick up your trash cans from your house and take them to your curb.
    • When the local trash companies pick them up, we haul them back to your house.

It sounds simple, but can save you a lot,of headaches with forgetting to take the trash out, with snow on the ground, or rain in the sky, we believe you shouldn't have to walk it out to the curb and back.

We know it's a small service which is why it is only $20 a month. With that $20 a month you will never have to worry about your trash needs again.

Have anything the garbage trucks can't pick up? To our monthly subscribers we offer discounted haul off rates as well...